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Broker Discretion. Good or Bad?

Many Religions propogate "Greed is bad". Some believe Greed is good. Surrounded by these Contrary beliefs... What should one do?

Personally I feel as a responsible real estate broker, I like to use a lot of discretion, when it comes to representing a builder or a product. So much so, that I even like to go one step further and evaluate a product from a builder that I love, but choose not to sell that specific product.

While my industry peers and builders may not agree with my thought process & strategy, however, my clients do appreciate it and more importantly, I am able to walk with my head held high after having delivered a quality recommendation and never have to shy away from it.

The process is less rewarding monetarily as I have to let go of multitude of selling opportunities, but on the other hand, it is extremely satisfying having helped a client invest into a rock solid property that will grow to be a good asset.


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