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What should one look for in a Real Estate Agent? Qualities of the Best Real Estate Agents in Gurgaon

Owning a property for most is an emotional decision and that too which doesn't happen too often. In some cases, it may just be a once in a lifetime decision. Especially, when it comes to home ownership, it is definitely an exciting journey but at the same time a daunting task full of pit falls and things to watch out for. While most people believe that the role of a real estate agent is only to hunt for a deal at the right price, however, there are many other things that one should consider before finalizing the right agent.

One of the most important things that one should look for is "Experience", "Good Communication & People's Skills" followed by "Sincerity", "Macro Knowledge" followed by "Specific Knowledge of the Property in Question", "Negotiating Skills" and the "Ability to take the transaction from Start to End", "Meticulous Paper Work" "Clear Process for After Sales". In my experience of 24 years now, I have been able to put all of these into action to bring about quality experience for my clients, be it Buyers, Sellers or Renters. One clear attribute that I have been able to identify over the two decades of service is "The Ability to Step Into The Client's Shoes" and then see things from their perspective. This one attribute has been a game changer to deliver quality real estate services in Gurgaon for me and to build long term relationships with clients.

The market out there is full of all kinds of people and if the basics are missing in someone, then the rest of the things tend to fall apart. Being an lucrative field to make quick money, there are agents today, whose short term thinking with primary goal to consider WIIFM is in many ways has lead to client's falling into a trap and loose money while in the process creating a poor image for the overall real estate brokerage business. Unfortunately, what they don't realise is that Realtors job is like being a family doctor, it is good service and good relationships that go from generation to generation, considering the fact that most of the capital assets keep passing as generational wealth.

The interesting part is that the costs of a good quality or best real estate agent in Gurgaon or a poor one are not much of a difference, while the repercussions of an unprofessionally handled or a bad deal may be a big cost to all stake holders and put their hard earned money in jeopardy. So choosing an real estate agent wisely not only protects your interest but also helps in substantially reducing stress levels while going into a transaction.

My advise to anyone looking to acquire or sell a real estate asset would be to choose your agent wisely before getting into a transaction rather than regretting after getting into a situation that is not worth it. Don't get lured by lower costs or super attractive deals, my experience is that most of such deals have lacunas and typically run into problems and dead ends. Its your hard earned money and you have the right to spend it wisely.


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