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What do these awards really mean for me as a Realtor?

At one of the recent ceremonies by one of our principals, I was invited to receive this award of being a Platinum Partner. So, I gracefully received the award and in the after party, many younger agents surrounded me to ask what this meant for me? Being a shy person as I am, reluctantly, I told them, that while these awards help us stay motivated to do better, we need to understand the definition of "doing better" or "being better". So, I told them, what I feel "being better" or "doing better" meant in my dictionary.

"While more often than not, in the corporate world as we see it today, it is the quantity that defines performance, but in my case, it has always been quality that has been the driver and never the quantity. While I am grateful for this award, but subconsciously the real award has always been that of having satisfied customers with smiling faces and the ability to meet them even after years and be able to see eye to eye and have a hearty conversation. Having been doing clean business with transparency and diligence has thus far led me to have the people's award and I am happy and in gratitude for that.

Keep walking the path with a clean heart and conscience and the rewards will keep following..."

On the way back in the car with my significant other half, I was telling her how grateful I am for the award and for life in general and that I really haven't done much apart from being straight forward and clean in my dealings. We went on to discuss how simple everything actually is if we don't complicate it much...


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