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Sold a Property? Capital Gains? Here is a Highly Recommended Re-Investment Option

In case you sold a property recently and are looking for a highly recommended re-investment residential property, then you are at the right place. While there are a few things that one should look for while re-investing the money back into a residential asset, there are a couple of important factors that can definitely be considered.

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Delivery Time: One of the factors to consider is the delivery time frame for a development if you are looking to acquire an under construction property, as per the government norms, there is a stipulated time frame when you need to deploy back the capital to set off the capital gains. Obviously, in most cases, under construction properties with early delivery would be ideal.

Capital Appreciation: It is a good idea to look for an asset that has a potential to grow and beat the market. In such cases, under construction properties typically work out well, considering the time lag for the property to be ready, allowing for leveraging time to have the capital appreciation.

Rental Returns: This is one of the important factors while considering the re-investment of capital for Capital Gains purpose, typically, any investor would like to hold the asset for at least 3 years, so it is a great idea to have a high rental yield residential asset. Our expat rental program can certainly be used to churn out higher than market rental yield on your residential asset, however, not all properties are worthy of expat leases, one needs to be sure about what location and community is one looking to acquire to make sure that there is or will be sufficient interest from the expat community to rent-in such apartments.

Recommendation: One of the Highly Recommended Residential Asset at the moment for setting off the Capital Gains is the 2 bedroom apartment at EMAAR Digi Homes on the Golf Course Extn. Road. With good quality of construction, prime location and expat rentability, one can acquire this asset at the price band of 1.78 to 1.90 (depending on the floor plc) and our team can help furnish the apartment to expat standards and rent it out to expats for a monthly rental of Rs. 85,000 to Rs. 90,000 per month. Interestingly, we have created a single window for the entire process of Apartment Acquisition, Furnishing and Rental Management thereafter. So, everything works seamlessly with best results for our investors.

Connect with me for any questions that you may have. Happy to help !!

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